Meet Our Equines and Farm Animals


Our 42 year old 10.3 hand Shetland mare who has more energy than all our animals but together.  She

Our 42 year old 10.3 hand Shetland who still has plenty of energy  and carries our littler campers and lesson children around.  She has done it all from A+ shows to summer camps.  



Our  19 year old  14.2 hand quarter horse mare who has done it all.  She has tons of personality.  She is in our lesson and camp programs and also attend horse shows.  



Our 16 year old 13.2 hand Welsh Cross pony who is used in our lesson and canp programs.   He is very social and has tons of personality.



Our 24 year old 17.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding who was our home breed family racehorse.  Upon retirement he has  been a filed hunter, done hunter paces, and hunter and jumper shows.  He is a gentle giant with a tender personality who is a part of our lesson and camp programs.   



Our 24 year old 15.1. hand quarter horse gelding.  He is a true teddy bear at heart and is a lesson and trail riding King.  He is a part of our camp and lesson programs. 



Our 13 year old 16.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding who appears often lazy and slow but loves to jump and has a lovely hunter tuck.  He is a member of our lesson and camp program and attends local shows and horse trials.

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An 11 year old Halflinger/Appalossa who is a boarder here at Red Fox Creek Farm.  Nala is a proud pony to three children who love her very much.  Nala is a crowd pleaser who loves attention and treats.  



Our 13 year old 16.3 hand Holsteiner who was born and raised here on our farm and was bred to compete as a jumper.  She loves to be groomed and enjoys treats.  She is currently in our advanced lesson program.   



Our 37 year old 15.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding who was our family trained racehorse horse and had a successful second career as a show horse and racehorse lead pony.  He has been a faithful member of our lesson and camp program who is now enjoying full retirement.     

Duckie & Quackers


Duckie a male and Quackers a female Khaki Campbell ducks born in March of 2017 and have great personalities and are members of our farm.   

Toodles & Waddles


Toodles a female and Waddles a male Peking Ducks were born in April of 2018 and are large white ducks who have great personalities as they waddle around.  

Maddie & Gracie


Gracie and Maddie are 10 year old sibling Jack Russells who are our farm motion detectors.  They love to bark as everyone enters the farm.  These two keep the rodents on the farm at bay and are also ture sunggle bugs. 

Red Fox Creek Farm

About Our Instructor

We are a small family run facility in Northern Virginia with over 30 years experience and five generations of equine owners/trainers.  The King-Levine Family relocated from Chester County, Pennsylvania to Hamilton, VA in 2006.  Heather King-Levine and her husband Greg and daughter Ashley now call Loudoun County, Virginia their forever home.